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Time Trial Start

Automatic Chip Detection

This video demonstrates how the Jumbotron can be used to automatically sense who is standing at the start. We have worked closely with Chronotrack to develop software that will accept their reads with the chip ID and the location of where that read came from. We know if a person is standing on the right or the left and will display their information on the appropriate side. Once all lanes are full, the clock will automatically start, counting down from a pre-programmed number (usually 9 for 10 second starts - but can be changed). When the count hits zero, a horn is fired and the lanes are told to GO.

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Custom Finish Clocks

Up to 32 different and independent clocks 

Finish clocks at most races are not useful for anyone other than the winner. This video shows how the Jumbotron can be configured to display custom finish clocks for up to 32 people. We incorporate technology we developed to integrated with Chronotrack readers. By placing an announcer mat before the finish, we know who is finishing and we know their specific finish time based on their start times. The result is a spectacular and totally unique finish experience for people. The screen automatically adjusts between 1 person and 32 to make the best use of the available jumbotron space to show names and custom clocks.

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Custom Videos

Every event gets a custom 30 second video

These custom videos can be displayed at packet pickup, prior to the event, or after the event. They usually contain information about the event and safety reminders. But they can also be customized for a title sponsor or with just anything. We provide these videos as part of our service, but we do allow some customizations for an additional cost.

Videos: Video
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