New Technology

This page describes the new technology we are currently working on, testing and perfecting. We have 10 years of experience developing and delivering interesting and new technology and we're not done yet. Check it out. Once these technologies are ready for prime-time, they'll be moved to their own page.

Coming Soon Neon Light
Coming Soon Neon Light
Coming Soon Neon Light

Custom Finish Clocks at the Finish Line

Clocks at the finish line are only useful for the first finishers, but they are usually wrong for everyone else. What if we had the ability to display custom finish clocks for everyone finishing. We're working on that now. We have finished with the base technological development and are currently in the trial phase. Stay tuned.

Lead Vehicle 4-sided Video System

We have repurposed some of our huge video panel inventory to create a 4-sided lead vehicle device that can display just about anything such as the current race time, an image of the current leader along with a profile, estimated finish time, etc. The sky is the limit here.

Uploadable Profile Photos

Wouldn't it be fun to allow people to upload their own finish line photos so that when they finish, their personalized image is displayed. Yeah, we're working on that too. Almost done. We will be entering trial phases shortly.