Unique Lead Vehicle Solutions

Double Sided Lead Vehicle Systems

We took our amazing video panels and made them portable with a custom designed computer control system and a long-lasting power plant for reliable operation. Each system can display a highly accurate clock along with text, graphics and advertisements.


Control Systems

Custom designed computer and clock control systems.

These custom designed computer and clock control systems allow you to manually control the content as well as the clock on the video panels.


4-Sided Lead Vehicle Solution

Mounts to standard roof rack systems

Our 4-sided lead vehicle solution is ideally suited to promote your most important sponsors. The system mounts to standard roof rack systems (e.g. Rhino Rack), is 100% waterproof and instantly elevates any event.


Proven Technology

Used at some of the most prestigious events in the world

We are the leader in developing new and interesting technology to events of all sizes. This is one of the lead vehicles at the 2021 Boston Marathon. They are using our double-sided solution with integrated clock. Clean, professional and reliable.