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The NovusMage Portable Jumbotron


Portability and Flexibility

The NovusMage Jumbotron operates virtual anywhere in all weather conditions. We bring everything to your event including our own power. We can adjust the size of the screens to fit most events and we can provide either a single sided display or double sided display.

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Create Unique Experiences

High Resolution Displays

Create unique experiences for athletes with fulyl customizable graphics. Each event is unique in regard to the sponsors and advertisers and we do the work to create those great experiences.

Our software has been designed to allow personalized names and graphics. These can either be at the start, or the finish, or anywhere along the way. We are integrated with the major timing systems and can receive bib reads automatically.


Sample Expo Display

This is a sample of the flexibility and portability of the system. We have a 3-sided truss assembly and we can split the video panels into 3 different sections and display 3 totally different graphics or video on each one. 


Impressive Start Lines

Manchester City Marathon, Mancheser, NH


Impressive Finish Lines

Greater Derry Turkey Trot, Derry, NH


Personalized Finish Experience

Create a great experience

Create a great experience for your athletes by having this amazing finish line at your event.


Double Sided Display

Display the clocks and current finishers on the back of the jumbotron. The front and back are fully cutomizable including the size, the backgrounds, colors, sponsor logos, clock size and placement, etc.


Fully customizable profiles

Allow your athletes to upload and personalize their own finish experience. Photos can be uploads as well as the caption they want to display. Entire backgrounds can also be displayed that are customized to an individual.

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