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Ground Breaking Technology

"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams." - Willy Wonka

We've developed cutting edge technology to easily display pictures, videos, camera feeds,  text, clocks, results, and profiles. We've integrated with all the major RFID timing companies to automatically display finisher names or VIP profiles as the approach the finish line.

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NovusMage Vtron (Virtual Jumbotron) Technolgy

Engage your participants and sponsors in totally unique ways

We've taken a large jumbotron and broken it down into smaller "virtual" jumbotron using the NovusMage Vtron technology. 


Customized Backgrounds

The participant selects their background. We superimpose their finish info. They can even upload their own background using the newly developed NovusMage selfie app. 


Why use 1 Jumbo when you can have more?

We can use the Jtron technology to create smaller jumbotrons to display a wide variety of interactive displays.


Profiles of your VIPs

Easily display profile photos, titles and customized backgrounds for your important sponsors and VIPs


Impressive Finish Lines

Pretty cool, huh?  We can display any graphic you want, sponsor logos, multiple clocks, etc. Imagination is the only limit.


Personalized Finish Experience

Create a great experience

Create a great experience for your athletes by having this amazing finish line at your event.


Double Sided Display

Display the clocks and current finishers on the back of the jumbotron. The front and back are fully cutomizable including the size, the backgrounds, colors, sponsor logos, clock size and placement, etc.


Fully customizable profiles

Allow your athletes to upload and personalize their own finish experience. Photos can be uploads as well as the caption they want to display. Entire backgrounds can also be displayed that are customized to an individual.


Bring this system to your event for free.

Your sponsors would love to have their message or logo on this finish bridge and would pay extra for this service. That would enable you to offset the cost, potentially bringing the final cost to zero. You can even make money!

Contact us and we can advise you the best way to offset the costs.


Informational Video Board

Expos, corporate events, etc

$1,000 per day

Basic Package

This package includes the metal structure and 10 video panels. We work closely with the event to display advertisements, important information, sponsor logos, etc.

$1,500 per day

Integration with RFID Readers

All the stuff in the basic package, but integrated with RFID readers to automatically read bibs or chips and display that persons name. Up to 15 names can be displayed at the same time. After the event, finish results can be displayed by simply walking up

$100.00 per hour

Advanced Video production

For work beyond basic video production.


Selfie Station Price List


First Selfie Station

This includes the support structure, 3 video panels and an tablet for entering bib #'s and selecting personalized backgrounds


Each Additional

For each additional selfie station. Price includes 3 additional panels and an additional tablet. Maximum number of selfie stations is currently 3.


Finish Line Price List


Finish Structure

This gets you the finish structure without the video panels. It includes the crank-up risers and the overhead truss. Hang your own banners, or start adding video panels.


Basic Video Finish Line

This includes the finish structure and up to 10 video panels on one side only. It includes 2 graphics backgrounds, basic video production and up to 3 sponsor logos.


Complete Finish Line System

This is the complete package which includes the finish structure, 8 video panels in the front and 2 video panels on the back. Finisher profiles can be uploaded and displayed as the athlete approaches the finish line. Optional integration with chip readers and announcer systems.


Discounts Available

Bring the cost down

Multiple Event Discount

If you have a series of events, or different events, we offer a variety of discounts depending on how many events you sign us on for and the possibility of re-using graphics and video production.

Local or Small Town Events

These are our favorite. Why should the big, flashy events get all the fun? We offer discounts to running clubs, schools, small town events, and select charitable events.

Partner Discounts

We are continually developing partnerships with timing companies and other vendors. It's often easier to work with the timers we know and so we offer discounts because our job is easier.


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