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Finish Line

Unique finish line experiences

We have taken our amazing Jumbotron technology and moved it to the finish line. Using state-of-the-art integration technology, we can work with Chronotrack or MyLaps timing systems to detect athletes as they approach the finish and put their names on the screens. We can support up to 32 people finishing simultaneously, but we can also focus on the top finishers, putting their name on the jumbotron as they approach and display a fully customized background promoting your sponsors or your important messaging.

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Finish Line: Video

Custom Finish Clocks for All

We work closely with the event timers to get the exact start time for everyone. When they finish, we calculate the true "net time" rather than the "gun time". Each time is unique and specific to the person or persons finishing.

Finish Line: Our Technology

Bill Luti 5 Miler

July 21, 2021

Notice that the time on  the video panels is 14 seconds faster than the clock on the left. That's because this time is Isabella's "net time" and the clock is showing "gun time". That's right, we show people's actual finish time for a spectacular finish picture. :) We've worked with most timers over the past decade and are pretty good at showing new and interesting information.

Finish Line: About Us

Run For Freedom

July 4, 2021

The Jumbotron software has the ability to display finishers names along with their custom finish time or their city/state. The system can operate automatically using Chronotrack or Mylaps announcer mats, or it can be operated manually with a keypad. It can display a single name, or up to 16 names at the same time along with 16 different clocks all based on the individuals starting time. Fully customizable backgrounds allow you to promote your sponsors while providing and incredible finish experience for your participants and a photo opportunity that will last a lifetime.

Finish Line: Welcome
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