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Can I use my own truss?

Yes, you can save money and use your own truss as long as it can support the calculated weight, that's it's sturdy and will not blow over, and our hardware trails fit with your truss.

Do You Have Intern Positions?

We are currently working with local colleges and universities to establish an internship program. Stay tuned.

How Can I Request a Demo?

Sorry, this system takes a lot of effort to transport and setup. There are, however, plenty of photos and videos and the web that demonstrate the jumbotron at various past events.

What software do you use?

Because of the unique nature of the video panels, we developed our own custom software to drive the video panels and to integrate them into the timing systems. The software is called Cyclops and the content are HTML pages. We will be adding a section (soon) that details how to create new content within the Cyclops software.

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